Sunday, September 21, 2014

Announcements (Tumblr + New Series Coming Up!)

Good evening friends!

Guess what? I made a Tumblr!!! It is proudly baptized Blooming Sapling! :D I created it as a branch to Seeking Jesus, in all hopes of reaching more people and sharing the awesomeness of God! Go check it out, it's filled with encouraging Jesus quotes, herbal inspirations, and wacko pastel colourfulness!

Blooming Sapling: my little blooming Tumblr baby

Secondly, my sister Sara and I are beginning a new series called, "Breakfast 5 Ways" on Monday! During 5 days we are going to share easy and healthy recipes that are perfect for the cold Autumn days and busy school mornings, so stay tuned for the delicious breakfast ideas we have planned for y'all (which are all tested and approved by yours truly)!

God bless you all! Don't forget, Jesus loves you, and so do I! ♥︎

From your excited sister,

P.S.: I am going to publish my Kindred Spirit Award answers very soon, Abigail! :D


  1. Cool, I don' know that much about Tumblr. Is it like Pinterest?

    1. Tumblr is sort of like an online cork board where you can 'reblog' pictures that inspire you :) It's really neat! Sometimes you just need an uplift and so you check it out and there are a ton of encouraging pictures (like in Blooming Sapling)! :D


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