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Welcome! Every week I will share with you my musical discoveries, in hopes that they will bless you and help you to cope with whatever challenge you are going through- or to simply make you smile!

Please bear in mind that even though some of the songs might not be your favourite genre, give it a go nonetheless, the lyrics might make your day! :)

(Previously known as "Song of The Day")
Follow as You Lead - Jeff Schneeweis (electronica)
Say What You Will - The 7 Method (metal)
Hesitate - Judah & The Lion (indie-rock)
Carry Your Name - A Jesus Church (experimental)
More of You - Colton Dixon (rock)
You Are On Our Side - Bethany Dillon (soft pop)
Foxbeard - Run River North (indie-folk)
Dancing On The Moon - Isla Vista Worship (electronica)
Oh The Blood / Ho Damo - Joshua Aaron (messianic Jewish awesomeness)
My Lighthouse - Rend Collective (indie-folk)
Rebellion Intro - Lacrea (rap)

Embrace (It's All Gonna Be Okay) - Jake Hamilton (soft pop)
There You Are - Lovelite (indie)
Lifeline - Hillsong (soft rock)
Real Jesus - The Ember Days (indie)
The Cost - Rend Collective (indie-rock)
Born To Be Free - Moriah Peters (pop)
Mountain Top - City Harmonic (soft rock)
Tokyo - Charmaine (pop electronica)
I Stand - We As Human (hard rock)
Martello - Cordial Factory (indie-folk)
Up On A Mountain - The Welcome Wagon (folk)
There Is A Way - Newworldson (pop/soul)
Beautiful Lord - Leeland (rock)
Trees & Trust - Kye Kye (indietronica)

Abraham - John Tibbs (indie-folk)
Beautiful Feet - Ackdavis (ft. JusThoughtz) (rap)
Meteor Shower - Owl City (electronica)
Wolves At The Gate - Dust to Dust (heavy metal)
The Kingdom of God is a Party - Tim Neufeld (ft. the Glory Boys) (folk)

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