Saturday, July 5, 2014

What's in Our Garden - Harvesting Stevia and Catnip

Psalm 67:6 NOG "The earth has yielded its harvest. May Elohim, our Elohim, bless us."

Jesus loves you!
Hello! :) Phew, the plants in our backyard garden have grown so much since I made by first post about it. The time is here to harvest some of these beauties, such as: radishes, lettuce, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana), catnip (Nepeta), and much more to come soon! 

How to harvest and dry fresh herbs at home:
 (Note: I am not an expert, this is only what I found works best with my plants)

  1. Harvest large, blemish-free leaves by snipping the leaf off the stem with your fingernails, or with a clipper.
  2. If needed, clean them with a dry washcloth to remove any dirt. 
  3. Lay the leaves in one uniform layer on a dry washcloth (or paper towel) in a dry and airy room.
That's it! Now you only need to wait approximately 1 week (depending on the humidity) for your herbs to be completely dry. You will know when they have dried enough when the leaves become brittle and crispy. Do not store moist leaves in a container, or else they will go rancid!

Find how to grow stevia here and catnip here.

(Note: I am not an expert nor a doctor, these are only a few advices and remedies that have worked for me. Check with your doctor if your symptoms or problems become worse.)

Why you should grow and use stevia:

Drawing by Mutis, J.C.,
  1. It's low-maintenance. I don't know if my plant was boosted or something, but the only thing I needed to do was to water it (in a well-drained bed) every night as with our other plants. It grows quickly and abundantly!
  2. It's WAY cheaper to grow your own stevia and dry it than to buy pure stevia powder.
  3. Stevia is a healthy sugar replacement. Use this conversion chart for easy substitution.
  4. It helps dandruff, dry scalp, as well as dull, thin, and dry hair. 
  5. Studies show that the stevia herb may stabilize "blood sugar levels, increase insulin resistance, may even promote insulin production by promoting the pancreas health, discourage glucose absorption in the blood, and inhibit candidiasis - a yeast infection that flourish with sugar."
  6. It aids with gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities, and mouth sores. That's why my mama makes this awesome toothpaste!
  7. People in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil use Stevia to soothe an upset stomach, heartburn, and to improve indigestion and gastrointestinal function.
  8. Studies tell that stevia may lower elevated blood pressure levels. Simply drinking Stevia tea twice daily may help stabilize the blood pressure levels!
  9. Helps weight loss because of its levels low in carbohydrates, calories, and sugar. 
  10. Stevia helps wrinkles, acne, and other skin conditions. Making a paste of fresh or re-hydrated dried leaves and applying it to the skin like a mask is especially helpful!

And these are only a few of the benefits of God's miracle herb! I don't think I could even write about every benefit in one post.

Why you should grow and use catnip:
Source unknown.
  1. Catnip makes your kitty happy! This should make you want to plant catnip right now.
  2. It protects your garden from cats. Wait, didn't I just say it pleased felines? Well, planting catnip on the border of your garden creates a "barrier" and protects it from becoming a big litter box for your neigborhood's kool kats
  3. Catnip repels harmful insects such as ants, aphids, cockroaches, beetles, flea beetle, Japanese beetle, and squash bugs. It also repels mice and rats! Iconic, isn't it?
  4. Catnip tea is a good flu, cold, and migraine remedy.
  5. It has a sedative effect. Sleeping with catnip leaves in your pillowcase (haha) or drinking catnip tea will ease you to sleep!
  6. Calms down hyperactive kids. Hmm...
  7. Relives pain and bloating during menstrual period.
  8. It's a natural band-aid! Catnip is used to stop bleeding and help speed up the healing process of cuts.
  9. It's an awesome toothache remedy. 
  10. Catnip is a pain reliever for Rheumastism and Arthrisis. Using a poultice made from catnip leaves is very effective.
I wish I could go on and on. Catnip is an amazing herb not only for that special cat in your life, but for you too!

"A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine.
-Henry David Thoreau

I am so thankful for God's amazing plants... Let me know if you enjoyed this "herbal medicine" post, and Lord willing I shall make more! :)

In all sisterly love,


  1. This is agreat post Noemie! I'm gonna try your method for dry herbs :) So many plants have so many uses, it's amazing!

    1. Thanks Abigail!! :) Yes, isn't it truly awesome? The remedy options are endless!


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