Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy birthday, Sara! + 18 Things I Love About My Sister

Tomorrow on the 18th will be my *awesome* sister's 18th birthday! I am so happy for her... 18! You don't get to turn that age everyday :D

For some of you who don't know Sara very well, let me tell you a few things about her: she is a Jesus-loving, high-spirited, totally amazing young lady! :) I love her to pieces! My life would definitely not be the same without a big sister... Who would have shown me how to get through my dad's loving teasing (haha)? How to ride my bike speedily without falling flat on my face? And not to forget how to change diapers (being the youngest never gave me a chance to practice!)... Oh dear... ;) Thank God for sisters!

Sara... Also known as Rara or Ra! :)
On her special day we are going to begin the morning by opening her gifts (I can't wait! Who else is more excited for others' gifts than your own??), and after this we shall go to a new restaurant for brunch. :D Then we are going to come back and later have a supper of bruschettas, beef tortellinis with "sauce rosée" (creamy tomato sauce), and cheesecake & raspberry sauce for dessert! Talk about good, 18th-birthday-worthy food! ;)

Everybody loves her! Even dear ol' Kat, the 900+ lbs. Quarter horse.
Here are 18 things I love about (or doing with!) my sister:

  1. Her willingness to help. Don't know what to wear? Having trouble shaping those pretzels correctly? Don't worry, Sara to the rescue!
  2. Her gentle bluntness. Sara never wants to make anybody feel bad, but when you mess up something, she has a wonderful way of telling you without saying it... And it usually ends up in laughter from both sides!
  3. Her patience. Especially with me! :D Whether with children, stubborn dogs, or a confused sister, Sara stays patient no matter what!
  4. Her style! I mean, come on, who else can rock an old 90's shirt like her?
  5. Going on bike rides with her... But it feels weird when I am leading the way!
  6. Or discovering a new place! Last spring we found a grassy trail leading to a beautiful view of the river. We named it Primula, meaning daisy in Latin (because there were daisies all over the ground)! :D
  7. Her love for Jesus!
  8. This one is an oldie, but playing Barbies with her has to be the top thing I loved doing with her... Haha! Nobody can play like her and I!
  9. How we can talk without words... Hmm?
  10. How she can explain complicated (or not so complicated) things to me... She gets how I think!
  11. Having an Etsy business with her. Oh, I love it! She's the best partner anybody could hope for.
  12. Her music choices. She might not know this, but I kind of really like the Christian rock songs that she is playing in her room... Shh!
  13. Spending waaay too much time on talking about one subject... We can go on and on! ;)
  14. That wheezy breathing I get after having a real' good (30 minutes long) laugh with her. Or the hurting cheeks!
  15. Watching movies with her! :D
  16. How we each know our position when we work together... For example,  when we make cookies, she will mix all of the dry ingredients while I cream the butter and sugar. Or when we make pancakes, she will most likely cook and flip them while I tidy up the kitchen. Team work!
  17. How we really "get" each other... Things I thought only I felt or did, she did too, and vise versa!
  18. *Drum roll* Everything! If Sara wasn't my sister, she would HAVE to be my friend! Or else... I would miss all that vitamin C from her constant sunshiness
I love you sissy, and I hope you know it! ♥

What makes YOUR sister so awesome? Please tell me in the comments, I want to know! :D And stay tuned for "18 things Sara learned in her 18 years of life"! I shall post it soon, Lord willing!

Proverbs 3:15
 "She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her."

Thank You Lord for such a lovely sister!!!

In all sisterly love,
-Noémie, the youngest by 3 (short) years


  1. Happy Birthday, Sara! Its wonderful having older sisters isn't it? :) I am really looking forward to seeing you all, Lord willing this year!! :D Have a blessed day!
    In Jesus' name,

    1. Sara says "thank you, you're so sweet"!! :) Oh yes, older sisters are awesome! Especially Sara(h)'s, I don't know what's up with them ;)

      Have a splendid night!!

      In all sisterly love,

  2. Happy belated b-day Sara!

    Having sisters is truly wonderful Noemie! I have the blessing of being big sissy to five, four boys and 1 girl :)

    1. Thank you Abigail!! Wow, you are a big sister to many little people, that's wonderful! :D Are you the oldest? It is seems like such an honouring position! :)

      I pray that all is going well for you, your parents, and your 5 siblings!

      In all sisterly love,

  3. Wow Noémie! Quel beau message!! Tu as une plume extraordinaire!! C'est une joie de te lire et de voir combien tu aimes Jésus. De vous voir Sara et toi ensemble est une vrai bénédiction!! Ma belle Brianna est choyée de t'avoir comme exemple. ;) Je t'aime fort! xox...

    1. Merci beaucoup Vicky !!! Je suis tellement contente que tu aimes ce que j’écris. Pour être honnête, c’était dur d’arrêter à 18 choses que j’aime à propos de Sara ! :P Je suis touchée de savoir que Brianna me prend pour exemple, si tu savais comment ça me bénit!

      Je prie que toi et toute ta belle famille aurez un beau week-end, je vous aime ! Xoxo


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